I always wanted to witness the birth of young seals so we planned a visit to the island Helgoland in the North Sea. Sadly we where forced to stay on the main land because of a heavy storm. Luckely the weather changed so we could spend the remaining two days at the island.

Photographing the seals was not easy. Heavy winds, sand was all over us and low temperatures didn't make it easy. When we where photographing the seals we missed a birth just 50 meters away from us, so the land-lady told us. Bad luck but a good excuse to go back next year ;)

Still we really enjoyed being there with the seals just in front of you. Weaning their pups, copulations and fighting males, what an action! It shows you have endure the conditions for special photos.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ghita Pluijmaekers wrote over 4 years ago

    Oh wat schattig dat baby zeehondje.
    Prachtige blog.
    groetjes Ghita

  2. René Vos wrote over 4 years ago

    Ondanks de omstandigheden een prachtige serie van deze aaibare dieren.

    Gr. René